Erskine B. Bowles – Biographical Profile and Positions on the Issues

Previous Candidate for US Senate, North Carolina

North Carolina Democratic Party
POB 28147Raleigh, NC 27611
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Five major newspapers in North Carolina all agree-- Erskine Bowles is the best candidate to represent North Carolina in the US Senate.

The Raleigh News and Observer, the Charlotte Observer, the Greenville Daily Reflector, the Asheville Citizen Times, and the Wilmington Star News have all found Erskine's judgement, experience and character to be exactly what North Carolina needs.

He built two successful North Carolina financial-services companies. He was Director of the nation's Small Business Administration. He served as White House Chief of Staff under President Clinton. As White House Chief of Staff, Erskine took a salary of just $1 a year.

Erskine's experience makes him ideally suited to serve in the United States Senate. He will be a strong, independent, respected voice for North Carolina -- a Senator who sets politics aside and puts the people of North Carolina first.

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Male; Age:59; Married; Spouse:Crandall; Children:Sam, Annie and Bill; Place of Birth:Greensboro, NC; Home Town:Charlotte, NC

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Past Offices:White House Chief of Staff, 1996-98

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BA, University of North Carolina, 1967 MBA, Columbia Business School, 1969

Securing Our Borders

We must secure our borders against terrorist intrusions.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

National Security & Terrorism
Making Our Homeland More Secure

Almost three years after September 11th, America still has not done nearly enough to protect our citizens against future terrorist attack. That is why I am proposing a plan to "Protect America First."

I have been concerned about terrorist attacks since I served in the White House. We had not reviewed our homeland security policy since Harry Truman was president, and it was clear to me that the threat to the United States had changed drastically since then. In 1998, I was one of the first people in the Administration to call for a national commission to study the threat of terrorism. That led to the Hart-Rudman Commission, whose final report proposed a Department of Homeland Security a few months before September 11th.

This plan will make North

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission


Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Local First Responders

Yes, and my plan will provide them with the resources they need.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Foreign Job Outsourcing

I support a plan to create new jobs and keep existing jobs here in America by focusing investments on small businesses.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

No Child Left Behind Act, a General Statement

Our efforts must begin by fixing No Child Left Behind. While Erskine believes in setting high standards and holding educators accountable, he also believes that we cannot raise standards in our schools without giving educators the resources necessary to achieve them. The administration's budget slashes funding for NCLB by 34% below the authorized level in FY 2004. As Senator, Erskine will fight for full funding of this program as well as allow for common sense flexibility in the application of new testing and teacher standards. Today, No Child Left Behind is an unfunded federal mandate

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Improving Education

Strong public schools are the single most important key to fostering economic prosperity in North Carolina and to providing opportunity for all of our citizens. By giving students the tools with which to learn, the modern schools in which to learn and the best teachers from which to learn, Erskine believes we can provide every child in North Carolina the education they need to succeed.

North Carolina has been a national leader in the effort to improve public schools. But severe shortfalls in state funding and other challenges facing our schools make it imperative that the federal government become a better partner in helping North Carolina and other states continue their efforts to restore accountability to public schools, prepare students to learn, and recruit and retain the best teachers.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Head Start

The federal government should fully fund Head Start and other early childhood initiatives so that children come to school ready to learn. The 1997 Balanced Budget Agreement that Erskine helped negotiate created 36,000 new spaces at Head Start. Recognizing that we must begin these efforts even earlier, Erskine also supports Governor Mike Easley's More-at-Four program.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

No Child Left Behind Act Federal Funding Level

See above.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Barriers to American Goods in Other Countries

We must stop all new trade agreements until Washington cracks down on illegal imports and certifies that all existing trade agreements are being enforced correctly. We must break down barriers to U.S. goods in other countries.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Medical Insurance
Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Limitations

We must take steps to put an end to frivolus lawsuits.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)

Erskine's plan would cover 20 million of America's uninsured--7.3 million of our nation's 8.4 million uninsured children and 12.7 million uninsured adults - by building on existing programs and offering tax credits to make COBRA more affordable.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Medical Malpractice Reform

In the Senate, I will work for steps that protect victims' rights and hold down needless costs to business.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Business Tax Credits for Employee Health Coverage

My plan will help businesses provide affordable health care for their employees with tax credits and by allowing small business to pool their purchasing power.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Abortion, Stem Cell & Cloning
Legality of Abortion - Roe v. Wade


Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

Erskine strongly supports a woman's right to choose. He will support judges who respect and uphold our laws, including the right to privacy.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Reducing Crime

Domestic violence can destroy a woman's life and everything that is important to her. As your Senator, Erskine will fight to pass legislation that prevents domestic violence and protects victims of domestic violence. He will fight for more funding for the Victims of Crimes Act and to fully fund the Violence Against Women Act. Erskine believes we must also strengthen Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) so that victims of domestic violence are provided with safe housing and the tools they need to gain independence.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Health & Medical
Improving Health & Medical Care

Erskine's plan calls for passing a Patients? Bill of Rights to make sure that all Americans get the care they need, and supports tough measures to put an end to frivolous lawsuits.

Erskine's plan would improve access to community health centers, attract and retain qualified health care providers in rural communities, and increase access to quality health care in rural communities through telemedicine.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Reducing Health Care Costs

Erskine's plan would save billions each year in health care spending by cutting waste and increasing efficiency in our health care delivery system.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Energy, Gas, Oil & Autos
Renewable Energy, Solar, Biomass and Wind

As a former top official in the White House, Erskine worked to promote increased energy efficiency and clean energy technology.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Prescription Drugs
Importing Prescription Drugs from Canada

I support allowing safe and effective reimportation of cheaper prescription drugs from abroad.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Negotiating Pharmaceutical Prices

Erskine's plan would contain skyrocketing prescription drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Social Security & Pensions
Long Term Viability of Social Security

Erskine believes that Social Security is the bedrock of retirement security for our nation's seniors. The program represent a solemn compact that has been made between our government and every American who now, or in the future, seeks their benefits. Erskine will fight to protect Social Security by opposing efforts to privatize it, and by putting our fiscal house in order and ending the raid on the trust funds of these important programs.

The key to protecting Social Security is promoting sound long-term fiscal policy. Deficit deficit spending and huge tax cuts has put Social Security at risk.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Privatizing Social Security

Erskine opposes privatization of Social Security.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

Science, Technology & Space
Science and Technology Research and Development

I support research and development to help create the next generation of our manufacturing economy.

Candidate Website (10/02/2004)

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